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Give Tires A Brand new life
And save money


Retreading gives a tire new life by removing worn tread from the tire casing and replacing it with new, re-manufactured tread. During the process, the casing is thoroughly inspected and any injuries are repaired. McCarthy Tire offers Bandag retread services to commercial, industrial, and off-the-road (OTR) customers. Retread tires can be found on every type of performance vehicle – commercial trucks, school buses, construction equipment, ambulances, farm tractors, even airplanes and race cars.


Retreaded tires have the same performance and safety rating as new tires. Most tires can be retreaded more than once, depending on the application. On average, retreaded tires can save you 30% to 40% compared to the cost of new tires. A new tread is only 10% of a tire’s total weight. Reusing a casing rather than creating a new tire saves on manufacturing costs, disposal costs, and landfill space.

The BASys™ Difference

Bandag’s proprietary BASys Manufacturing System is where it starts. We load your maintenance and retread specifications into BASys to ensure that your tires, whether you have 10 or 100, are being retreaded according to your specifications every time they come through our shop. Each tire, or casing, has a unique barcode so it can be tracked in real time throughout its lifecycle. The system captures the tire’s owner, brand, model, age, number of retreads and repairs, failure reasons, and location. This data also can help you make informed decisions about your fleet’s tires that will save costs, increase performance, and reduce downtime.

Bandag –
Go with the Best

Bandag is the leading retreading system in North America, with 275 tread patterns designed to meet specific needs - more than any other supplier. McCarthy Tire is one of the largest retread dealers in the Bandag system. When you work with McCarthy Tire, you will find durable, reliable, cost-effective retreads that meet your fleet’s grueling applications.

Reporting Tools

Our commercial customers have access to Bandag’s proprietary BASys Manufacturing System. BASys monitors your tires’ use and wear, and tracks their repair and retread history at all Bandag plants in our company and across the country. Our industrial and OTR customers use TreadStat for feedback on the use and wear of their tires, reports of how the vehicles are being used on the job site, and notifications of needed repairs.

retread tires are
environmentally friendly

Retreading tires is the smart choice to save money, time, energy, and precious natural resources.

  • Retreading eliminates millions of scrap tires from being sent to landfills each year.
  • The manufacturing energy needed to retread a tire is roughly 70% of that required to manufacture a new one.
  • Retreading an average truck tire uses approximately 7 gallons of oil, as compare to the 22 gallons required to manufacture a new tire - a 15-gallon difference.
  • In 2014, 15.6 million truck tires were retreaded in the US, yielding a national savings of 234 million gallons of oil. This, in turn, significantly reduced carbon emissions and greenhouse gases in our environment.
  • McCarthy Tire sends all scrap tires to certified tire recyclers who repurpose them as lightweight fill and/or drainage in highway and building construction, as an additive to injection molded and extruded plastics, and as a surface for playgrounds and equestrian arenas.


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